2D-3D Design Offer 

We offer in the scope of design: technical diagrams; architecture, infrastructure, urban development of space. 

Also interior fittings, such as household appliances, TVs, furniture, and home furnishings - see smart homes.

The device for security. These drawings we're doing in the form of projects, 2D or 3D (spatial, to facilitate construction).

We also carry out organizational structures such as procedures and standards for procedures for public organizations and institutions.

 Innovations for the Economy 

We offer the use of new procedures in computer science; Algorithms and means of data transfer.

Information calculations supporting the economy and the economy - the range of econometrics.

Creation of computer and mathematical patterns of processes occurring in production and services.

New construction of inland and marine transport.

Modern construction of bridges, drainage equipment and equipment to help balancing in the recovery of energy, raw materials.

We work in small teams of workers, the four groups provide the comfort of work and the quality of project support.

 IT services 

We offer dedicated computers for learning and work. Selection of mobile or stationary components depending on the nature of your creative activity.

Sales along with customer service or in-house service / personalization services.

Software Configuration / Individual Builds / Providing for Graphic Designers, Webmasters and personalized customization to client / researcher needs.

Web projects, advertising materials and graphics and conducting complete advertising campaigns, we assure, according to IMA model.

Creation and research on new technologies in computer science and electronics, automatics, mechatronics, bionics, cybernetics.

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